Collins Bartholomew Collins Bartholomew is a leading digital mapping solutions provider serving private and public sector organisations across the globe. We offer a range of widely used geospatial data products and solutions including high quality GIS mapping data, high-use mapping applications, digital based cartographic consultancy and geoweb development.
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Map Data Products Our global and UK map data products are known for their authority and feature rich content. Built and maintained by the same team of geographic experts who create the renowned Times World Atlases, all our map data products are widely used by both the GIS industry and business.
Services Using our highly skilled and dedicated team of geographic experts we are able to offer a range of diverse mapping services that cover anything from the creation of bespoke maps in printed format right through to digital cartographic consultancy and geoweb developement.

Solutions Our team of geo developers build mapping solutions that are used by consumers and businesses all around the world. Examples include Collins Mobile Coverage which has been developed for the telecoms inductry and Collins Indicate which is an easy-to-use tool for the creation of visual graphics from statistics.
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