Geo-Political Fact Sheets

The Geo-Political Fact Sheets from Collins Bartholomew Newsroom service is a source of regularly updated, easily digested and authoritative information on global geopolitical issues. Edited and maintained by the team of experts behind The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World, it provides a trustworthy and continuously monitored picture of the changing global geopolitical landscape.

The service focuses on two main issues:

  1. The internal administrative structure of every country in the world.
    Recent and proposed future changes are highlighted.
    Areas of uncertainty or contention are discussed and advice given on the best interpretation of the situation on the ground.
  2. The geopolitical issues relating to international borders in areas of conflict or dispute.
    Detailed analysis of geopolitical issues relating to international boundaries in areas of conflict or dispute is provided.
    This discusses the background and history of the dispute and clearly details the current de facto and de jure situation.
    All commentary is provided from a strictly neutral political viewpoint.

Delivery Mechanism

Users can choose to access the Newsroom Service in two different ways.

  • As a comprehensive series of PDF reports distributed by email, FTP, or on disk at regular intervals.
  • Via a hyperlinked political polygon data layer for ESRI software users.

Collins Newsroom is available on a subscription basis only. If you would like to subscribe to this service or to find out more about it then please Contact Us.