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Coverage is an online mapping service designed to help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) show their customers their true global network footprint. Using coverage information that has been submitted exclusively by operators from around the world, Coverage provides frequently updated coverage maps that will display seamlessly in your website. It’s easy to integrate and provides a valuable insight into mobile network coverage across the whole world.

Using an open-source mapping platform, Coverage combines base mapping and coverage overlays showing GSM, 3G and 4G networks. Updates and new coverage overlays are loaded automatically on a frequent basis, making the service virtually maintenance free on your side once integrated.


Use Coverage not only to promote the global roaming footprint that you’ve developed through partnerships abroad, but also to show your customers what your network coverage is like at home.

With Coverage you can:

Display coverage maps that show your true coverage footprint
Promote the roaming partnerships you have developed and show your customers what the coverage is like when they travel
Promote your domestic coverage so your customers know how good your network is


We offer a range of plans tailored to meet your requirements and the demands of your customers, so you only pay for what you use.

Easy to implement and easy to use
We host the maps and coverage data in the cloud, so we can have you up and running in just a few days.

Smooth, fast, detailed maps and satellite imagery
Coverage is built on vector maps, an advanced approach to mapping where data is delivered and precisely rendered in real-time. The result is smooth, fast maps.

Toggle between GSM, 3G and 4G networks
Coverage can be configured to display whatever technologies you want. By default you can display the GSM coverage and have other technologies available to toggle on and off.

Frequent map and coverage updates
The base maps in Coverage are updated with real-time probe data with new roads, buildings and more being added continuously. New and updated coverage overlays are processed on a weekly basis and are loaded into Coverage on a frequent basis.

Easy to align to your corporate branding
The look and feel of Coverage can be designed to align to your corporate brand. These styles are created and maintained by us online, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Guaranteed availability and responsiveness
We’ll provide support during normal UK working hours and guarantee the availability and responsiveness of the service.


Collins Coverage is a cost-effective way to incorporate coverage maps into your website. We offer a range of plans tailored to meet your requirements and the demands of your customers, so you only pay for what you use. Usage is measured in ‘map views’ and each plan includes a monthly allowance, with any ‘over usage’ charged at the same rate across all plans. In return we’ll provide support during normal UK working hours and guarantee the availability and responsiveness of the service. We’ll also include the initial development work we need to do to align Coverage to your brand and roaming network.

£ – Let’s talk! Plans start from as little as £3,000 per annum.


1. Where do you get your coverage information from?
Collins Bartholomew has been the GSMAs mapping partner since 2010. All the coverage information we display has been submitted by GSMA members (MNOs).

2. What makes your service different from others?
The coverage information we display is coming exclusively from GSMA members (MNOs) and is as good a representation of their coverage footprint as possible. We do not use crowd-sourced data that only shows where people go and we do not create maps from any other third-party sources. The mapping platform we use is also extremely flexible, so we can create a look that is unique to you.

3. How quickly can you provide the service?
Coverage is very easy to implement. We’ll need some information from you about your roaming partners, but once we have that it will only take a few days to create a bespoke service for you. Creating a demonstration aligned to your brand is even quicker. If you’d like us to display your domestic coverage as well that’s no problem.

4. Why should I pay for something that’s available for free on Mobile World Live (MWL)?
That’s a good question. The maps on MWL have been created by us as well, but there are a number of things that are different – for example the base maps on MWL are much less detailed and there is no satellite imagery. In addition, the maps are not aligned to your brand and your customers will need to leave your site to view them. One of the key benefits of using Coverage is that it only displays the networks of your roaming partners, whereas the maps on MWL show the networks of all the GSMA members (MNO’s) who have submitted their data.

5. How do you track usage?
We constantly track usage by counting ‘map views’ and can send you a report showing how many you’ve used over any time period you request. By default though, we will send you a report on a monthly basis.

6. What is a ‘map view’?
A single ‘map view’ is four tiles in our mapping platform and is typical for a single page view on most websites. More than one map view can be generated during a single session as your users interact with the map. The size of the <div> or <iframe> the map is placed in as well as the center of the map will dictate how many tiles are loaded.

7. What happens if my usage is greater or smaller than my monthly allowance?
If you exceed your monthly map view allowance, we will charge you a very small amount for each additional 1,000 map views. This ‘over usage’ will be billed retrospectively on a quarterly basis.

If you regularly exceed your allowance you can upgrade to another plan. Similarly, if you regularly use fewer map views than your allowance we can discuss your options to change your plan to one that’s more suitable.


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