Collins Bartholomew offer a flexible and efficient service to allow you to get the maximum benefit from our mapping products for your business. We are happy to grant both print-end and internet permission for the use of our mapping. Print-end fees are based on the number of copies you reproduce and the size at which you reproduce them.

Fees for web use are dependent on the amount of mapping being displayed and the nature of your website.

We grant copyright licences to a wide variety of businesses. On receipt of your details we will be happy to quote you a competitive fee as well as advising on the best mapping source, format and media.

If you would like to apply for a copyright licence to reproduce our mapping within a publication or to use within film & television or other media please Rachel Monte on +44  (0)208 307 4593 or email

The following are our copyright stipulations if we issue you with a copyright licence: 

• It is granted subject to the payment of the copyright invoice.

• You ensure that all reproductions of our mapping carry the appropriate copyright acknowledgement.

• One copy of your publication, or copy of the reproduced mapping, is sent to us for our copyright records.