If you are a GSMA member wishing to submit your latest network coverage data so we can process it for Mobile World Live, please upload it using the File upload service at the bottom of this page. This facility is safe and secure and will permit data submissions up to a maximum of 2GB in size. A video and guidelines are available to give you more information about the submission process.

So we can process your submission efficiently we request that you use one of the following four acceptable formats (shown in order of preference) when sending us your coverage data. DOWNLOAD A SAMPLE OF THE ACCEPTABLE FORMATS.



  • 1. GIS industry standard vector formats including ESRI Shapefile, ESRI Geodatabase, MapInfo TAB, MapInfo MIF/MID and KML files.
  • 2. Export from Radio Planning Tools including Marconi Planet EV, Aircom Asset / Enterprise and ESRI ArcView based tools. 
  • 3. GIS industry standard raster formats including TIFF, PNG, GIF, or JPEG. 
  • 4. Base Station Coordinates or Place Lists in text or Microsoft Excel format. Download sample.
  • 5. It is essential that any data supplied includes the coordinate system, projection and datum used. Please also ensure you refer to the submissions guide for full details on the acceptable formats before submitting your data.


Our aim is to increase the number of coverage maps available on Mobile World Live, so if you are a GSMA member who has never submitted data before please contact us and we will help you through the process – it’s easy to do and the first submission (GSM, 3G and/or 4G) you make each year is completely free.