About us

A-Z Digital mapping is part of the Geographers’ A-Z Map Company. Our digital data is used in a variety of ways – whether it’s pinpointing your location on company brochures and in-house displays, directing customers to you on your website, or even creating wallpaper for your home or office featuring an area of your choice, the possibilities are endless.

Who we are

A-Z is a trusted, iconic brand with strong values and beliefs. We are passionate about working with other organisations who operate under the same ideals.

What we do

Through passion and a lot of hard work we have created and now manage the most extensive street and road mapping solution for the UK.

Why we do it

We love maps! Our Company was built on creating the most beautiful and accurate cartographic content.

Why are A-Z map better?

Familiar, easy to read, clear, informative and designed to display route information. The A-Z Map is the best street and road design out there! (Hmmmm, I think I would challenge that?)


Now, copyright is a bit of a dry subject but it exists in our maps due to the considerable amount of time and expertise that is put into their creation. Licensing is used to make sure you are fully aware of the duration as well as, how you can use our data.

To apply for one of the following licences simply scroll down to the products section, choose your map style and complete our online enquiry form.

Publishing licence

Incorporate our mapping data in your printed material for external business use. This licence is required for a single one-off print as a wall map to multiple copies of a location map for your business or event. e.g. A local authority has incorporated our map data onto polling cards to ensure voters know where to go.

Digital data licence

Open and flexible access to use our digital map data within your business. This licence enables you to make unlimited prints for internal business use and enable full screen intranet data display (for example a web GIS). e.g. London Air Ambulance utilise our data within a navigation app to save lives.

Annual copyright licence

If you wish to photocopy or scan numerous different extracts from our various A-Z paper publications then this is the licence for you! e.g. Various companies copy our paper maps regularly in commercial property services.

Internet licence

This licence option allows you to add a location map to your website. e.g. Surrey County Council show cycle routes using our data on their website.


All of our existing paper products are available digitally provided as raster data (e.g. TIFF). Explore our range of data products and services to discover what we can provide for you.

Largescale map data

LARGESCALE is our more detailed dataset and is produced for 98 town and city centres of the United Kingdom. Useful for high-resolution applications this data has been used for tourist mapping for the centre of London.

Street digital map data

STREET has full seamless coverage of England. STREET is our iconic dataset designed for readability, easy navigation & routing. Useful for high-resolution applications this data has been used by emergency services for emergency response as well as in preparedness & contingency planning.

Street lite digital map data

STREET LITE is our street scale dataset designed to provide a clear and informative base map solution. This dataset covers all of Great Britain and is useful for computer applications. The data has been used by emergency services for emergency response as well as other industries including specialist printing and digital displays.

Road digital map data

This mapping is useful for planning and routing applications and has been used by haulage companies to plan the most efficient cross- country routes.

Gazetteer database

The geographic index from our paper publications is available in an ASCii text file format. This data can also be supplied to accompany a specific map area.

Mini Road digital map data

MINI ROAD mapping shows main roads, primary routes and motorways without unnecessary detail. Useful for quick reference and junction numbering on major British roads.

Main Road digital map data

MAIN ROAD slots seamlessly between our STREET and ROAD products. Built for ultra-clear main road systems of the South East of England, Birmingham and Manchester this data has been used by courier companies to navigate city-wide road systems.

maps for iOS

Internet maps are OK but you really can’t beat the genuine article. Use one of these iPhone apps to navigate through London with confidence and ease. This is how mapping should be.

Maps for ANDROID

Get the an A-Z map for your Android phone. Currently two cities are available, London or Glasgow. Use our Android apps to navigate London with confidence and ease. This is how mapping should be.

Maps for Windows phone

This highly detailed, clear map is perfect for anyone living or working in London. Try the free London Visitors’ map before you buy to experience the speed and ease of use.


Airbox Systems

Airbox Systems and our customers love A-Z mapping for its clarity and overall cartographic quality. Our customers use these maps in emergency services roles; The ability of users to glance at a map and instantly recognise it has a very high value in fast moving situations where safety is at stake.

London Ambulance Service

The A to Z Street layer is the preferred map layer used by our control room and emergency crews. Supplied in a digital format the maps are used […] to enable resources and incidents to be visualised against a map backdrop in real time. The same map layer is held on the Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) inside each of the responding vehicles. The paper map books are used as the backup, and copies are held in the control rooms and also in each of the vehicles. Street map layer is favoured for its clear presentation, bold text and recognisable colours making main roads and features such as town centres, hospitals and train stations easy to spot at a glance.

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

A-Z map data has provided a very good mapping backdrop to our GIS data. We utilise the mapping in our Intranet and desktop GIS. Users are particularly happy with the clear labelling in a format they are familiar with. The clear labelling enables users to quickly locate features we overlay on the map. We find it especially useful for creating plots for our map users where they need to quickly locate a feature, or see which roads are contained within an area. No other product we have found displays the roads as clearly as the mapping from A-Z does. It is a dataset that most of our staff request when asking for a map.

Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council

The A-Z dataset is invaluable when referencing street data for engineering purposes, road classifications, traffic sensitivity, bridge locations and route planning. The choice is always A-Z map data because of its superior clarity, labelling and cartographic design making it perfect for presentation.