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Mobile Coverage Legacy

Historical mobile network coverage data

The data included in Mobile Coverage Legacy was created by the GSMA, or their partners prior to the involvement of Collins Bartholomew, the current official mapping partner of the GSMA. We cannot therefore verify the sources used to compile this data and warn that it may be inconsistent in terms of content.

Mobile Coverage Legacy includes coverage data for the following years:

1999 – January and May – GSM coverage only
2000 – December – GSM coverage only
2001 – July and November – GSM coverage only
2002 – March and July – GSM coverage only
2003 – March and July – GSM coverage only
2004 – March – GSM coverage only
2006 – Q3 – GSM and 3G coverage
2007 – Q1 – GSM and 3G coverage
2008 – Q1 – GSM and 3G coverage
2009 – Q1 – GSM and 3G coverage

Please note, the data in Mobile Coverage Legacy is as it was when given to Collins Bartholomew. It has not been altered in any way, other than to standardise the naming of the files. Consequently, Collins Bartholomew cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the content, and there are no supporting documents either to describe the data, or to provide details on sources. The attribution of polygons may also not conform to Collins Bartholomew’s strict geopolitical policy.

Nevertheless, if you do have any queries with regards to the Mobile Coverage Legacy then please contact us and we will do our best to help.