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Web Map Services

Visualise, analyse and share our geospatial foundation data across your organisation in a structured and intuitive way.

Unlimited, flexible usage

No restrictions on usage within an organisation. Our services can be deployed with in-built User Management or through utilising a Single Sign On (SSO) manager, giving flexibility on or off-site.

Continuously updated

Our services evolve with regular, seamless security, data and functionality upgrades. Users can trust that the data is correct and up-to-date.

Encrypted and secure

All communications are encrypted and the system holds up to rigorous penetration testing.

Rapid deployment

We do all the hard work setting up the account with tools to easily switch from other well-known services. This means you can get started in a matter of hours.

Remote access

Accessible from any web browser on an internet-connected device. This allows staff across an organisation to access our data from anywhere.

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