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World Explorer Regular

A seamless and up-to-date vector world map data product suitable for use at scales up to 1:3,000,000, derived from World Explorer Premium, but with a simplified feature coding structure.



With its pre-prepared map styling and simplified feature coding structure, this foundation dataset allows geospatial professionals to create maps of anywhere in the world easily.


Authoritative & trustworthy

Being derived from World Explorer Premium, our Regular product enjoys the same level of authority and trustworthiness.



Our team of geographic experts ensure World Explorer Regular is kept up-to-date, with a new version released every 6 months.

Key Features

Suitable for use at scales up to 1:3,000,000
16 geographic data layers
63 individual feature codes
Country, territory or sovereign state boundaries
1st order internal administrative boundaries where available
Town status classification (administrative capital, national to 4th order)
6 monthly updates

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