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World MidScales Explorer

Our most detailed seamless and up-to-date world map data product in vector format, suitable for use at scales up to 1:750,000.



World MidScale Explorer is a foundation dataset designed to make the creation of mid-scale map production, of anywhere in the world, easy.


Authoritative & trustworthy

Created by our dedicated team of geographic and cartographic experts over many years, World MidScales Explorer benefits from the same level of authority as our other world data products.



Our team continuously monitors change around the world and once verified, that change will make it into one of two World MidScale Explorer releases made each year.

Key Features

Suitable for use at scales up to 1:750,000
Consistent in scale, content and specification
Boundaries are rigorously checked and verified in order to give an accurate picture of world political geography.
653 feature codes
Global coverage
Complex feature coding provides enormous flexibility when designing maps, but to ensure the user is up and running quickly, World MidScales Explorer comes complete with ESRI ArcMap document files (mxd)
Updated twice a year

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